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Jelaca plumbing is an accredited Biocycle wastewater installer. We will consult with you to find the system that will work for you and install it.

Please Contact us with any enquiries you may have.

About Biocycle

The Lean and Clean Home Sewage Machine

BioCycle manufactures sewage disposal systems contributing to this age of environmental awareness and expanding technology. The principles of BioCycle are based on old and well-understood scientific rules. We have applied them in a much more efficient way.

Handling on-site domestic sewage disposal is BioCycle's speciality. We spent twenty years developing our system, and it is working in many thousands of homes in New Zealand, Australia, Canada the USA — and, more recently, the United Kingdom and Ireland.

The requirements of aerated water treatment systems vary throughout the world. We have developed different options to suit many different requirements, including lightweight glass fibre tanks for inaccessible areas, septic tank conversion kits, surface-and into-ground irrigation systems.

Today, BioCycle makes it possible to:

  • provide a permanent solution to localised septic waste disposal
  • protect the environment at the same time
  • reuse waste-borne nutrients
  • make better use of our resources.

BioCycle has proved itself in many thousands of locations and is accepted by a large number of local authorities around the world as a completely reliable sewage disposal system.


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We provide a tailor made, friendly service that offers quality workmanship and customer satisfaction. And as a member of the Laser Group which we can access more products and services to pass onto our clients.

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