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  1. Before engaging a Plumber ensure that he is a member of the Master Plumbers Association or a least a Craftsman Plumber.
  2. Get a quote for work prior to engaging a plumber to ensure that it is not a surprise especially when it is a new installation.
  3. Check out the options of materials and range of product on the market.  Please ring for recommendations if unsure.
  4. Is Gas cheaper than Electricity for my hot water supply? This depends on the situation.  See your energy retailer for options.
  5. What plumbing can I do?
  • Washer replacements
  • Toilet Seat Upgrades
  • Minor Drain Cleaning Using Draino
  • Do not put newspaper or foreign objects down toilet (it will block system)
  • Always ring for advice if unsure of anything.  We are only too pleased to assist.
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About Us

We provide a tailor made, friendly service that offers quality workmanship and customer satisfaction. And as a member of the Laser Group which we can access more products and services to pass onto our clients.

Mobile: 0274 936 924 Office: 07 824 5537 Fax: 07 824 5536

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